Aim and Goals

Aims and Goals of the Czech Professional Society of Clinical Pharmacy (Member of Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně)

  1. Guarantee a coordinated development of clinical pharmacy in the Czech Republic with emphasis on precision in professionality;
  2. Guarantee the standards and methodology of the clinical pharmacist’s work;
  3. Guarantee that the clinical pharmaceutical care is provided by pharmacists with specialist degree in the field of clinical pharmacy;
  4. Further development of independent clinical pharmacy departments.

Activities of the Czech Professional Society of Clinical Pharmacy that have led to implementation of clinical pharmaceutical care to the healthcare system and its standardization in the Czech Republic between years 2010-2020

  1. Act No. 372/2011 Coll., On Health Services and Conditions of their Provision – it anchors clinical pharmaceutical care in the legislation;
  2. Decree No 99/2012 Coll., on Minimum Staffing Requirements for Health Services – it states the requirement for availability of clinical pharmacist in inpatient healthcare facilities with standard and intensive acute care;
  3. 2013 – release of the Methodology for clinical pharmaceutical care providing on the clinical pharmaceutical ward, optimization of patients pharmacotherapy – emphasis on systemic and proactive evaluation of patients medication by clinical pharmacists;
  4. 2014 –formulation of the Concept of clinical pharmaceutical care in CZ that had been provided for open discussion in the community of medical professionals;
  5. 2014 – Act No 48/1997 Coll., Public Health Insurance Act – clinical pharmaceutical care is covered by public health care insurance (public health care insurance is mandatory in the Czech Republic);
  6. 2015 – official bulletin of the Czech Ministry of Health – actualized educational program for postgraduate training in the clinical pharmacy specialization;
  7. 2016 – Concept of clinical pharmaceutical care in CZ was released after dealing with comments of expert societies of the Czech Medical Society of J. E. Purkyně. Definition of clinical pharmaceutical care activities and minimal demands on clinical pharmaceutical care in various types of healthcare facilities.
  8. Decree No 421/2016 Coll., it defines the list of clinical pharmaceutical procedures covered from healthcare insurance:
    • risk stratification according to medical risk: 175,- CZK (6,64 EUR)
    • proposing a plan for medication adjustments: 233,- CZK (8,84 EUR)
    • reviewing the efficacy of proposed changes: 233,- CZK (8,84 EUR)
    • Note: Exchange rate valid as of 25. 12. 2020; compare: preoperative examination by GP: 183,-; colonoscopy: 988,-
  9. 2017 – Act No 95/2004 Coll., On Conditions for Obtaining and Recognizing Professional Qualifications and Specialized Qualifications for the Medical Profession of Doctor, Dentist and Pharmacist, as amended by Act No 67/2017 Coll.:Independent realization of clinical pharmaceutical services can be performed only by pharmacist with specialization in the field of clinical pharmacy(not “hospital pharmacist” which is another specialization in the Czech Republic);
  10. 2020 – The outpatient service procedure of clinical pharmacist “Consultation of outpatient pharmacotherapy by clinical pharmacist” has been unanimously approved by the working group of the Czech Ministry of Health consisting from deputies of ambulant specialists, GPs, health care providers and insurance companies.